Tips for Hiring a Contractor to Install Replacement Windows

Window replacement contractors like Columbus replacement windows are your key to a prospering window replacement project. Granted, several handy do-it-yourselfers will tackle replacement windows themselves, except for the foremost half, window replacement contractors ar the safest bet to make sure correct window installation and waterproofing.

How to notice a decent Contractor to exchange Your Windows
Times ar powerful within the housing industry. State contractors boards ar having a field day stinging those who post ads and submit bids for work that they are not authorised to contract. Websites corresponding to Craigslist ar loaded with such ads.

The best thanks to shield yourself once hiring window replacement contractors is to verify their licenses together with your state contractors board. a straightforward telephone will allow you to understand if the person submitting a bid is authorised to perform the work. Hiring associate degree unauthorised contractor excludes you from any resources your state board provides ought to there be a drag. Most contractors with pride show their license numbers, and if the person has any qualms concerning providing a license, move on.

Another way to see a contractor is to question  the higher Business Bureau for any formal complaints. Lastly, run a web search on the

What to Consider When Hiring Professionals for Interior Painting

download (41)Whether it’s a remodel of an older home or decorating a brand new house, interior painting is an important part of the construction. It can be a pain to do it alone, so most people hire others. Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind when it comes to making your home a colorful, peaceful retreat.

Have Colors in Mind

This may sound obvious, but many people start interior painting without really having a full vision for their decor. Think about what each room’s decor and style will be like. Keep in mind smaller rooms-darker colors tend to make the room feel even smaller. In this case, light and bright colors will make the area feel open. Decide what sort of ambiance the room should have; for instance, bedrooms should be calm and relaxing. Light blues, grays, and neutral colors may work here. Figure out ahead of time what kind of colors to have in each room, and it will make the job much easier.

Lead Paint

It’s important to check for lead in homes built before the late seventies. Old layers of paint may still

Tips for Choosing House Painting Colors

download (42)It is often said that the easiest way to change the appearance of a home is to paint it. And, while this is true, knowing what colors to paint your home’s exterior, or perhaps determine what color to paint a particular room, is rarely as easy as it sounds. Just take a walk down the paint aisle of your local home improvement store or visit a paint store and you will quickly discover that the days of simple red or white are no more. There are now more hue variations than one can begin to imagine. Add in the number tools, brushes, trays, etc. and just the thought of a weekend spent house painting can be overwhelming!

Thankfully, house painting doesn’t have to be terrifying or overwhelming. With an understanding of the following paint selection tips from house painting pros and average homeowners, you can have a new look for your home in no time at all.

Paint Selection Tips for Anyone

· Start in a smaller space. You don’t have to paint a main space first. Choose a small room, a hallway, or even and

Of Primers, Sealers and Undercoats

images (17)So you have decided to give your home a new coat of paint and while looking for paints, you come across this terms and wonder what they do. Firstly, I would like the congratulate you on your brave decision to re-paint your house. In order to ensure your newly painted house will look as good as it can be, it is important to have an understanding of these terms. Not to worry as even professional painters are confused by these words “primers”, “sealers” and “undercoats” are used interchangeably. In this article, we will help you clear some of the doubts you may have.

What is a Primer?

We will first have to take a look at what a primer does.

A primer is a coat of paint that is applied directly to the bare substrate. Its main functions are to:

1. Provide excellent adhesion to the substrate (wall) for the new paint.
2. Provide protection to the substrate (wall) until it can be top-coated.
3. Prevent moisture reaching the substrate (wall)
4. Protect the substrate. Some wood primers have fungicide to prevent mould-growth and anti- rust properties

Benefits Of Installing A Sump Pump

images (16)A sump pump is used to stop water from building up in basement and crawl spaces. It is a common inclusion in various residential and commercial buildings. It is a waterproofing system that collects and redirects water away from the foundation of the house. It is placed in the pits designed to collect water and other liquids.

There are mainly two types of sump pumps, namely, submersible and non-submersible. Installation of this pump should only be done by an expert. He can also advise you on the type of pump which will be best suited for your house. Here are a few benefits of installing a sump pump in your house:

Prevents Damage from Flooding – It is a great device if your house is in a region which is prone to heavy rains. It can help prevent your home from water damage due to flooding and humidity, especially the basement. It also saves you from huge financial losses that water can cause. It ensures that every space and room below the ground level remain dry and warm by eliminating dampness and humidity. Installing

Residential Painting Contractors

download (40)This is a professional who paints exterior and interior walls, the trim, and porches on a home. Professional residential painting contractors have specialized knowledge in knowing what the right types of paint to use for a job along with adding details to the painting job such as borders or texturing. There are some that also have the equipment that will allow them to reach places up high such as window shutters or second stories. Their primary job will be to provide paint applications in various homes. They may also work for a builder painting the homes that are being built.

Due to many homes now having vinyl siding that is paint-free homeowners no longer need the outside of their homes painted. There are some homeowners who do prefer the authentic wood look and may still need an exterior painter to do this work. Some residential painting contractors have their own business and will hire work out to subcontractors if they are extremely busy or have a rush job. Other times they may do all the work themselves so they will make a bigger profit.


3 Ways Water Enters Your Basement

download (39)There are 3 ways that water enters your home. Cracks are created in the wall, footer and the floor.

The Wall

(Wall is usually made from Cinder Block, Poured Concrete, Brick or Stone)

Wall cracks are created through several different ways:

    • Lack of Parging and Tar – When you home was first build the builder puts a layer of parging and tar on the outside of your foundation wall. Over time the tar wears away just as the asphalt on you roof wears away and needs to be replaced. As the parging and tar disappear, water and ground acidity have direct access to your foundation wall.


    • Improper Backfill – When the builder used a bull dozer to push in the backfill around your foundation the pressure against a wall caused a crack.


    • Ground water – Water accumulates in the backfill area of your home and starts to pressure on your wall. Ground water gathers the Acid in the ground and deposits it against the wall of your home. Acid starts to eat away at the wall of you home and creates cracks in the foundation wall.


    • Settlement – When

How To Fix A Leaky Basement

download (38)The basement is an important part of every house used for storage purposes. Basement leaking is a common occurrence in many homes. Even a small leak in the basement can be distressing. The dampness not only damages your belongings can also cause several health problems.

Fixing a leaky basement is very important to prevent it from creating further damage. If you have the right tools and materials, you can fix the leakage on your own. Follow these simple and easy steps to fix a leaky basement:

Find the source of Leakage – The first thing you should do is to find the source of the leak. Examine your property thoroughly both from inside and outside to find cracks in the wall. The reason of leak can be a broken pipe inside the wall. You can also use a damp meter to track the leak.

Inspection – If the reason of leakage is a broken pipe; you should call a plumber to fix it. If the leakage is caused by a crack, you can easily find and fix it on your own. Use a hammer

Underpinning a Basement Is It a DIY Job

images (11)If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.

It is the age of Do-It-Yourself or DIY. If you believe the internet, every job under the sun is a DIY job. You may have noticed home improvement websites claiming that underpinning a basement is a DIY job. It can be completed successfully with step-by-step procedure mentioned on the websites. But, is it true? Before putting on your work boots, consider the following things:


Today, the internet is the primary source of information for everything. You may have researched for several hours and read everything related to underpinning a basement. But, do you have the experience to undertake such a complex engineering process?

If you work in the construction industry and have knowledge about underpinning a basement, you can decide to undertake the underpinning process on your own. But, remember that it will require your dedicated efforts.

Structural Engineer

A structural engineer is required to make sure that your home can sustain the underpinning process. If you decide to start the work without consulting an expert, you may harm the structural integrity of your home.

Permit from the Local

Most Common Basement Problems

images (15)Basements are subjected to a lot of problems because of their location. No matter whether you are using your basement for simple storage purpose or recreational activities, these problems can decrease your home’s value.

A basement is an important part of every house. It can be used as an additional storage or activity space. Even a minor problem with the basement can be emotionally very stressful. Here are some of the most common basement problems that every homeowner must have faced at some or the other time.

Cracks – The problem of cracks in the basement wall or flooring is very common. They allow water to seep into the house. Cracks can occur either naturally or because of an external force. If not checked on time, small cracks can get bigger over time and cause major problem to the foundation of your house. Bigger and more serious cracks should be checked out by a professional. Cracks on the floor can be due to the mistakes during construction and can show up as the house ages. The soil around the house can constantly erode because of

Causes Of Basement Flooding

download (36)Many homeowners face basement flooding as a common problem. Wet or damp basements are a common problem in both old and new homes. Basement flooding creates mold and mildew and ruins flooring and wall materials. Most often it happens during rainy season, but it can also occur during a dry weather.

Many people wait for the problem of basement flooding to go on its own. This attitude can prove to be very dangerous for the structural health of the home in the long run. Whenever your basement floods, it is best to deal with the problem straight away. Hiring the service of a waterproofing company offering wet basement solutions is the best way to deal with this problem. First, it is very important to understand the reasons for basement flooding. Here are a few reasons why your basement may flood:

Location of the House – Usually houses are built on sloped terrains, which allow accumulated water to drain. If your house has been built without proper sloping or on the lower part of the estate, it will flood frequently.

Improper Drainage System – The

Exterior Basement Waterproofing Solutions

images (14)Waterproofing the foundation of your home is the best way to prevent water from entering the basement. Basement waterproofing is divided into two major areas, interior basement waterproofing and exterior basement waterproofing. In this article we will discuss about exterior basement waterproofing.

Exterior basement waterproofing involves adopting a number of waterproofing procedures on the exterior of the home to stop water from entering the basement wall. Usually it is done during the construction of a new home, but older homes can be waterproofed by digging up the foundation.

Here are some ways to help you fight water from entering your basement:

Seal the Foundation Walls– Sealing the foundation of your home with good waterproofing material is the best way to prevent water seepage. The coating of these materials usually fades over time, therefore it is important to make sure that you regularly inspect the exterior walls to see if they are in need of replacement. Buy the best sealer available in the market and take the services of a professional to apply the coating.

Repair Cracks– If you want a dry basement, it is important not to

3 Reasons a French Drain Will NOT Solve My Foundation Problems

images (13)First what is a French drain and what does it do to keep water off the floor of your Basement?

A French Drain is designed by cutting around the floor of your basement at the TOP of the Footer. A Box channel plastic drain is placed around the edge of the basement wall. As water leaks down the walls and underneath the footer the French drain captures the water, sends it to a sump pump and pumps it out of the home to keep the water off the floor.

I recently inspected a foundation were a French Drain was used to correct a water problem. First it is true that there was no water on the floor. Two humidifiers ran to dry the air in the basement and pumped that water directly into the sump pump and out of the home. The Cinder Block Walls were leaking white lime. The walls were wet and seeping water. The walls were cracked and bowing and there was mold and mildew growing everywhere.

The problem is that even though the French Drain was running correctly, a French Drain was

Top Reasons To Consider Basement Waterproofing

images (12)A leaky or flooded basement is more than just an inconvenience. A wet and leaking basement has always ranked highest as the home improvement problem. Whether you are a buyer, seller or the owner of a home, wet basements is always a concern. If not attended on time, it will not only damage the foundation of the home, but also might cost you a fortune for its repair in the future.

Water in the basement can ruin your home and poses serious health hazard. Most people don’t pay attention to this problem until it has caused damage to the foundation of the home. Here are some reasons to consider basement waterproofing as a permanent wet basement solution for your home:

To Increase the Property Value – A wet and damaged basement with mold and mildew growth will depreciate the value of your home. Basement waterproofing will increase the sale value of your home by as much as 30%.

– To Prevent Health Risks – A wet and leaking basement means increased growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. Excess moisture in the basement makes it

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Waterproofing Project?

download (35)Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. – Benjamin Franklin

The proverb is ideal for every home owner. In order to ensure that your home is beautiful and sturdy, you must address every maintenance issue immediately. Ignoring issues such as water seepage and moisture will force you to undertake expensive repairs in the future.

If you are troubled by water leakage in the basement or damp walls in the kitchen, do not ignore it. Instead, you must call a licensed waterproofing contractor to waterproof your home. Home owners shy away from hiring a waterproofing contractor because they are concerned about the huge cost of the waterproofing project. But, remember that not every waterproofing project will create a financial problem for you. When it comes to providing you with an estimate, a waterproofing contractor doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. He/she will consider several factors before providing you with an estimate for the project.

What Factors affect the Cost of a Waterproofing Project?

A waterproofing contractor will not give you an estimate immediately. He/she will visit your home, analyze the water problem and consider the following

Telltale Signs of Foundation Damage in Your Home

images (11)We keep what we have only with vigilance.

Buying a home is a big achievement in a man’s life. But, your work doesn’t get over once you purchase your dream home. You must maintain it in order to ensure its durability.

As a home owner, foundation damage is one of the home maintenance problems that require prompt attention. If you shut your eyes to the telltale signs of foundation damage, it will lead to expensive repairs in the future.

How to identify Foundation Damage?

You do not have to be a foundation repair contractor to detect a problem. Instead, you must look for the following telltale signs of foundation damage in your home:

· Poor Condition of Foundation

When it comes to detecting a problem in your home, go straight to the source. Inspect the basement as well as the exterior surface of the foundation for structural damage. If you notice cracks, gaps, mold or mildew around the foundation, it is a sign of damage.

· Visible Cracks

Every property settles over a period of time. But, early cracks in the structure can be a problem. Check for cracks in every

How to Select the Best Sump Pump for Your BasementHow to Select the Best Sump Pump for Your Basement

download (34)What is a sump pump?

Before choosing the right pump for your basement, you should understand what it is first. It’s defined as an electric power pump installed on the basement floor.

What’s the purpose?

The primary purpose of a sump pump is to eliminate unnecessary water out of the area when it’s raining hard. It’s an essential tool for your basement during hurricane and winter seasons.

What are the different types of sump pumps?

Different basements need a different type. Therefore, it’s important to carefully select the right pump that works well. Here are seven types to choose from.

1. Primary pumps are designed to move gallons of flowing water out of your basement when it’s raining.

2. A submersible primary pump doesn’t operate quietly but the noise level is reduced as its motor and impeller do the work underwater. It works smoothly throughout the downpour.

3. Pedestal is designed for a small basin installed in a narrow pit. Its pump base is submerged but the pump motor is located above the pit.

4. Backup with a float switch supplements primary pumps during unexpected power loss.

5. DC backup is a battery-powered

Is Waterproofing Paint a Good Idea to Protect Your Home From Water Seepage?

images (10)As a homeowner, you must have realized the fact that water seepage and moisture problems are common. But, what is the remedy for it? Usually, homeowners opt for waterproofing paint, the most common remedy for the problem of water seepage.

Why Homeowners consider Waterproofing Paint as the Go-To Option for Waterproofing a Property?

· Most home-improvement stores sell a variety of waterproofing paints. Convenience in locating the product has made it the number one waterproofing choice of homeowners.

· If you are interested in solving the problem of water seepage on your own, it is considered as the best DIY solution.

· It is easy to use and available at cheap rates.

· It allows you to avoid the cost of expensive solutions provided by waterproofing contractors.

· It is useful in eliminating fungal smells by sealing the surface of the walls.

· It locks the moisture to prevent dampness.

Is Waterproofing Paint the Best Option for Waterproofing your Home?

Are you planning to use waterproofing paint to protect your home from water seepage? You must consider the following factors before making a decision:

· Difficult to Apply

Homeowners consider application of waterproofing paint

DIY Basement Foundation Repair

images (9)A basement is prone to all types of foundation issues like, cracks in the interior and exterior walls, leaks, soil pressure, excessive moisture, seepage and dampness. These problems get worse over time and cause long term damage to your home, if left untreated. In order to enhance the structural integrity of your home, it is very important to take professional help for basement foundation repair. A professional will ensure that the problem is resolved efficiently.

Many properties experience foundation issues at some or the other time and it is important to know how severe the problem is to look for a treatment that offers a permanent solution. A basement foundation repair can be easily done if you have basic information about the ways to handle such repairs. There are various methods of repairing the foundation of a home. If there is some serious damage, it is advisable to take professional help. For general maintenance, you can either go for mortar application or patching repairs.

Some indications which suggest that you should go for basement foundation repair includes:

– Uneven Floors
– Water collection
– Cracks at

All About Exterior Waterproofing

download (33)There are houses which are prone to the risk of water getting inside the houses doing a great damage to the exterior and interior of the house. The major issue is inflicted on the exterior and interior basements of the building. The exterior waterproofing is very important and no damage will be inflicted on the basement once the wet basement services have been provided to the house in question. In case the basement being damaged on the exterior the people are affected permanently, but by utilizing the services provided by the exterior waterproofing services.

Need for Exterior Waterproofing

In case the house where it has been built on soil, knowing that the soil will be moist having high and fluctuating water table. In case of a leak in the basement, then the water coming in will do a lot of damage to the basement walls and floor leading to the need of exterior waterproofing.

The wet basements leave out an unpleasant smell and lead the people to get infected and results in potential health hazards. The growth of mold or mildew will start if there is